Urban Bakery Cakes (2016 NYE)

This is another place like a second home to us – The Urban Bakery. We’ve enjoyed everything they have done from the sourdough breads that originally drew us to them, through the peanut butter slices and the sausage rolls to more exotic takeaway evening meals – the mole was particularly excellent. We often walk there to collect our order and to stay and have a coffee and a cake.

BLK Coffee & Rich Hunton cakes (Winter 2016)

I made the journey across town to go to a coffee shop I hadn’t visited before to collect a Christmas cake made by a man I met in a pizza shop… I had been aware of the baker that is Rich Hunton for some time before I met him – thanks to the medium of twitter. His baking is incredible and the cakes look amazing and are often very creative flavours. I had also met the the owner of BLK at the same event – which was not coincidental as he supplies cakes to her business. So, I had ordered a Christmas cake and it made sense to pick it up from BLK. While we were there we also managed to order one of all of the cakes available to try the range with some coffee. It was awesome – especially the gingerbread millionnaire. I’m quite pleased I don’t live closer otherwise I would eat all the cakes…

Violets (winter 2016)

Somewhere else I like a lot is Violets. I don’t get very often, but their coffee is lovely, and the porridge is AMAZING (I thought the blueberry jam one was good, but the winter whisky prunes one was fabulous). The baking is very good – with everything made fresh on the premises. It’s well worth a visit, and the breakfast basket is very good value.

#menofmeat (Winter 2016)

We went to a charity fundraising dinner – based on meat. I offered to take some handmade truffles as raffle prizes. I made rum truffles, plain chocolate truffles, malt whisky truffles, and BACON 🥓 truffles. The bacon truffles were good as they had a very sweet/savoury vibe.

Birthday cakes (Winter 2016)

I’ve done another trip round the sun so I made myself a cake for at home with the family, and a cake to take to work to share with my colleagues. Both are vanilla sponge with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. They were supposed to be funfetti (where you load the cake mixture with hundreds and thousands and it comes out looking like there’s confetti through the cake), but despite an obscene quantity of hundreds and thousands being mixed into the cake batter the effect just didn’t happen. They cake was still very tasty though.